Exhibition of all last year photography students.
From 25th of May until 1st of June 2014, there was an exhibition at Kletz Zele, showing the photographs of the last year students graduated at the PCVO school Lokeren (adult education).

I presented 6 portraits printed on a 40cm x 60cm dibond of different pigeon-fanciers.

Visit my portfolio to see al of the images.

From 30 January until 22 February 2014, there was an exhibition at CC Perron, Ieper with photographs and videos from the performance, and the possibility to visit the sculptures in their natural habitat, where they are slowly decaying and are housing small ecosystems of their own now. Out of my pictures 3 have been selected and presented on a large print.
Pictures of the exhibition can be found here. See also my portfolio for more images.

Video of the performance.

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